Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Branding site updated

Oh yeah.. I also forgot to mention that I added all the more recent pics to the branding web page, so that's current too now.

Brand - 4 weeks

Here we are at the 4 week mark... almost completely healed up and looking great!

still itching a bit on occasion, but nothing I
can't handle. And now I can scratch it without worrying about damaging it.

As promised, now that it looks like a brand and not a nasty scabby thing, I have some pictures of me displaying it when I am properly silked and positioned. Just like all the rest, you can click any of the pics for a full size version.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brand - 3 weeks

At 3 weeks here in these pics, the scabs are almost entirely gone. There are just a couple tiny bits of scabbing in the corners of the "staff" part of the kef. I'm LOVING how it looks!! I'm a little concerned about the lower curve cause it doesn't look like it's scarring much, but time will tell. That's where the scarring came off first, so it could just be that it's healed more than the rest and it will all even out. My parents still aren't thrilled about it at all! My mom said "it's fine if you like scar tissue". Oh well. I didn't get it for them. And truth be told, they are a lot more supportive than most parents, even though they still have many reservations about our lifestyle. Hopefully as more years go by and they see that I am still happy and thriving, they will come to actually accept it in their hearts too rather than just to be supportive of my choices. Anyhow.. that's an entirely different post really. This is supposed to be about the brand! LOL. Can't think of anything else to say on it for now. It still itches some, but more of an occasional minor itch now rather than wanting to use a brillo pad on it or something!
That's all for now :)

Brand - 2 weeks

Well, I ended up not getting around to taking many pictures of the brand during our campout, but that's okay at this point I think
since there are fewer day to day changes at this stage of healing. As you can see in these pics, almost all the scabs were gone by the 2 week mark. It was still pretty itchy even with putting lotion on it every day. I tried to expose it to the sun a good amount in hopes of making the scar darker. We'll see I guess. Everyone who saw it (which was a LOT of people since I was nude 99% of the week) thought it was just beautiful! I got lots of compliments on it and also lots of folks saying they couldn't do it LOL. I can't blame them.. It DOES hurt a lot, but as I said before, it was TOTALLY worth it! Anyhoos.. More in a minute with the next post that has the 3 week pics.