Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brand - 2 weeks

Well, I ended up not getting around to taking many pictures of the brand during our campout, but that's okay at this point I think
since there are fewer day to day changes at this stage of healing. As you can see in these pics, almost all the scabs were gone by the 2 week mark. It was still pretty itchy even with putting lotion on it every day. I tried to expose it to the sun a good amount in hopes of making the scar darker. We'll see I guess. Everyone who saw it (which was a LOT of people since I was nude 99% of the week) thought it was just beautiful! I got lots of compliments on it and also lots of folks saying they couldn't do it LOL. I can't blame them.. It DOES hurt a lot, but as I said before, it was TOTALLY worth it! Anyhoos.. More in a minute with the next post that has the 3 week pics.


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