Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chat room "role play"

So.. I typed this out, but didn't actually publish it way back when, and just now happened upon it in my drafts and decided to publish it.

All four of these little.... interludes took place in the Gorean chat room.
Anyone who has seen a few "serves" online will totally recognise a lot of what I was taking the piss out of there! 

As a bit of background, when I was a slave, I wasn't allowed to role play in chat rooms (playing an actual character on a role playing game was fine, just no RPing as myself) . Basically, with the exception of things like "LOL" and such, I wasn't permitted to type that I was doing anything that I wasn't really doing in real life. This gave me a fair bit of leeway for amusement purposes. And yes, my master at the time was fully aware and highly amused by these and others like them.

*~ Clicking the "Gorean Room" link, Khaos quickly pastes her pre-typed text into the text field, clicking send as quickly as possible after each paste... ~*

*~ Settling more firmly into the computer chair, she pretends to descend with poise to her (she wishes) perfectly formed and beautiful knees ~*

*~ (in her mind) bending at her (NOT) narrow waist, she pretends to lower her cheek to some tiles or something ~*

*~ bored with her ruse, and unable to come up with anything else entertaining for the moment, she begs permission to greet and join the conversation ~*
*~ Eases in, arms outstretched and nimble fingers dancing on the keyboard, mouse pressed to the cool Formica (it's kinda like tiles, isn't it?), eyes lowered (so she can see what she's typing) and red tresses tumbled over her shoulder, Khaos clicks the enter chat link ~*
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *a slave decides to give in to temptation and boredom... She pretends to sink gracefully to her alabaster (and definitely not scarred as in real life) knees.... [11:19 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) creamy thighs parted widely, yet "kissing" (imagine that! who woulda thought that possible?) [11:19 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) her (imaginary) tiny hands on (also imaginary) slender alabaster arms resting on her parted kissing (for pretend) thighs .. (did she mention that her thighs are creamy, tiny and alabaster too?) [11:21 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) (in her imagination) [11:21 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) pretending to bend at her (assuredly tiny as well, and slender too) waist, she (pretends to) stretch out her delicate arms and splay the aforementioned tiny hands out on the imaginary cool tiles [11:23 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) laying her (alabaster) cheek to the tiles (are they alabaster too or just cool?) [11:24 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Eyes (emerald orbs, no doubt) lowered, she begs in the sweetest plaintive, yet sultry voice (though she's sitting in front of her screen and the cat hardly cares).... [11:26 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) "Is there anybody,,,, out there!?" [11:26 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) what do you think Fury? [11:26 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) OMG lmao you are bored [11:26 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) LOL.. Well.. I'm not technically disobeying Master's orders.. [11:27 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) nahhh that wasn't roleplay it was stand up comedy you were performing a service [11:29 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) I thought you'd like it LOL [11:29 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Very good point Fury! Thank you. thank you  [11:29 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) is really disappointed now am starting to wonder if all those other sincere sounding slavely types aren't actually kneeling nicely and rushing their delicately boned hands back into position after they type each post  [11:31 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) LOL [11:31 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Oh the disillusionment! [11:32 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) next you will tell me that that the men aren't all masterly and macho and are actually just sitting there stinking of BO in beer stained T Shirts [11:33 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) You forgot "in their mothers' basements" [11:33 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Imagine the market for special computer desks to accommodate all those "karta-ing" slaves while they type! [11:33 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) well at least lowering your eyes while you type is realistic how the hell would they find the keys with their one finger otherwise [11:34 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Okay.. I'll do a serve now.... [11:34 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) oooooooo yay!!!!!!!!!!!! gets out my notepad and arranges my cyber face into what hopefully is an attentive expression [11:35 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) * Slave poofylips_poutingbuttocks slinks across the cool tiles to kneel before the furs of Ubar Warrior Raging Sword* [11:36 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) gets out the foot pump and pumps up a surrogate blow up warrior for Khaos [11:37 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *she parts her cellulite laden (from sitting in front of a screen 18 hours a day)thighs to display the keyboard she has hidden there because she can't go anywhere or do anything without the computer and licks his boots* [11:39 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F)
brave move considering the steaming turd on them [11:42 PM PDT]
*Meanwhile, her heat drips lavishly on the cool tiles in another chat room as she cuts and pastes identical serves to Master Chief Poobah King and Warrior_tal_tarnridinggloriousdude* [11:42 PM PDT]

OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *--gears up her whimsy drive for another creation..... [11:55 PM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) gets out her notebook again and preps to take notes so she can be twue and that stuff [11:57 PM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) ** taxing her already offended sensibilities, she gathers her reserves of imagination and (types that she) slides smoothly to her smooth knees on the frigid tiles...(wondering how tiles got in her monitor) and gracefully settles her lithe form back on the heels of her miniscule little teeny eeny feet* [12:02 AM PDT]
*Eyes demurely lowered, she somehow manages the task of gazing up into Mistress Fury's eyes (while still keeping them properly lowered, of course) and pretends to ask what (cyber) food or drink the mistress could possibly desire* [12:05 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *She fervently hopes Mistress will come up with something _good_* [12:05 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) ummmmmmmmmmm ya got any flumps? [12:06 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Of course Mistress! [12:06 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) oh gawd the M word is making my eyes bleed lol [12:07 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) I mean yay!!! flumps......... [12:08 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *she (types that she) floats to her diminutive feet in one simple, flowing and graceful series of complicated and jerky moves* [12:09 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) * Moving to the servitoruim quickly, she opens the ornate door with her slender little sticklike arm * [12:10 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) hopes that arm doesn't snap. We aren't insured [12:10 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *she looks ponderously around the serveriqutious room and locates the perfect footed block goblet full of succulent.... ummmm... .... [12:12 AM PDT]
(oh yeah) flumps, sure to please the most exacting of mistresses, and cure bleeding eyes besides!* [12:12 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) don't ya have flumps in America???? [12:13 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) thinks I need to get some of them as well for Kitty Kat [12:14 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *further sapping her sleepy imagination, she (for pretend) turns beautifully 8 times on tiny toes in a flurry of pretentiousness guaranteed to impress cyber masters nationwide as she (imagines that she) selects fernaptious blota, the traditional True Gorean™ serving dish for flumps* [12:16 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) hehe [12:17 AM PDT]
....she sneaks up to the side of the flump goblet and selects 5 of the juiciest flumps and places them in the blota, arranging them most carefully, lest she offend the flumps, causing them to bite the poor Mistress, whose eyes are already bleeding and who surely doesn't need a bleeding finger besides* [12:21 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *very carefully chanting the words to calm the flumps before approaching them, as they are very rare and only found in the eastern mountains of the Vosk during the 19th turning of the 10th passage finger, she pours kalana tequila into the blota, thus inebriating the flumps to the point of slumber, then deftly tiptoes back out to the hall with the ornately decorated fernaptious blota* [12:23 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) *diving decorously and tumbling prettily, she comes to a skidding, yet demure halt at Mistress Fury's feet, lowers her fictitious emerald sapphire ruby gemlike spherical eyes to the freezing tiles  
and raises her insignificant, dwarflike little hands above her bowed head, proffering the True Gorean™ delicacy to her* [12:26 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) In the sweetest little croak, she wheezes out (if only in her mind) .... [12:28 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) "Mistress, this lowly, humble, insignificant, slender, panting, drooling in her heat little slave prays that you accept these frumps from her hand" [12:29 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) beams and wrestles one of the flumps and offers it to the cyber vision lusciousbuttocks_bigboobs or whatever the hell she was calling herself earlier lol [12:29 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) Oh thank you Mistress, but I'm ummm... on the no frump diet. [12:30 AM PDT]
OwlsKajiraKhaos (F) ROFL!! [12:30 AM PDT]
Wasn't that just loverly? [12:30 AM PDT]
__Fury__ (F) thinks it was wonderful there was booze, wrestling just about everything to suit all tastes *g* [12:31 AM PDT]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just an update here.. This blog will be pretty much abandoned, as I am no longer kajira. I was freed on March 1, 2010.

I will leave the blog up, since it seems to be useful to people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Sirik

Today I finished the making my new sirik. It is a lot stronger than the old one.
The other one is far more delicate and, despite what John Norman claims about light chains such as the ones used for my other sirik, I can break them easily.
It is very pretty, but not at all functional for holding me.
The one time Master slept me in it, I kicked in my sleep and broke it.

This one will be far more difficult to break, as the chains, while still pretty, are much stronger. And the leg chain is stronger still, with welded links, so I don't think I will be breaking free of this one anytime soon.

It is a little scary, but also comforting to be chained so much more securely!
I can move around fairly normally, but I have to be more careful so I don't trip myself up on the chains. And I know that it would be a simple matter to add an additional lock here or there and turn the sirik, which allows much freedom of movement, into close chains at a master's (or mistress') whim.

Master has the key and has gone to bed with it on his person, so I don't know how long he plans on keeping it on me.

I can now be slept in sirik without worrying about breaking it and I have no doubt that he will be testing that theory for tonight.

If he leaves it on all day tomorrow though, it will be interesting trying to find appropriate clothing for going out with Lady D in the afternoon. Definitely will have to wear a sarong or skirt instead of shorts or jeans! and unless I wear long sleeves, the sirik will be very noticeable .. And it's been hot during the days, so I don't know.

Anyway, Master took several pictures of me in the new sirik...

Here are a couple that show the brand off...

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brand - 10 Months

Well.. there has been a lot going on in my life lately, which I'm not going to go into right here and now, but what I WILL do is post a couple pictures I took today of my brand. It has healed very
nicely and is now a little over 10 months old.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Journal Entry - Warning ~ RANT!

Originally posted on CollarMe/CollarSpace Journal on 2006.05.30

(To the free... please understand that this is a journal entry, where Master has given his slave permission to speak freely)

I am so sick and tired of hearing how I (or someone else) is "not a
slave", a "slave wannabe", "subbie brat/princess" or any similar
garbage just because a Master chooses to handle his property
differently than someone else!!! And when it is another slave doing
it.. Well, IMO, if anyone in that situation is "not a slave" it would
be the one on her high horse trying to dictate to another things that
are the province of the free!!

The other day, I had to deal with another SLAVE in a chat room here trying to order me around and tell me that if I was a slave, then my nick
should read "khaos{O}" instead of "OwlsKajiraKhaos" and who would NOT
leave me the hell alone and stop ORDERING ME to change my name even
after being told repeatedly that I was following my Master's orders,
by me and the free present AND being called down and TOLD by 2
separate free that she was out of line and being displeasing! She
finally got kicked out of the channel, but GEEZ!!
SO-called slaves with attitude trying to order people around (I'm not
talking about first girls acting under the direction of the free
here!) and override the decisions of the FREE really piss me the f**k
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought the free were in

And it's usually those same high and mighty, full of attitude little
bitches who have the unmitigated GALL to call OTHERS "not a slave"!!!!
If I recall, the books were just FULL of examples of that type
getting knocked down several pegs... Usually involving the whip, or
better still, a switch in the hands of the slave(s) that they were
lording it all over.

Oh, to be granted switch rights over a lot of these little know it

Okay.. I'm done. I don't rant publicly often, but once in a while
it's needed, I think.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Branding site updated

Oh yeah.. I also forgot to mention that I added all the more recent pics to the branding web page, so that's current too now.

Brand - 4 weeks

Here we are at the 4 week mark... almost completely healed up and looking great!

still itching a bit on occasion, but nothing I
can't handle. And now I can scratch it without worrying about damaging it.

As promised, now that it looks like a brand and not a nasty scabby thing, I have some pictures of me displaying it when I am properly silked and positioned. Just like all the rest, you can click any of the pics for a full size version.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brand - 3 weeks

At 3 weeks here in these pics, the scabs are almost entirely gone. There are just a couple tiny bits of scabbing in the corners of the "staff" part of the kef. I'm LOVING how it looks!! I'm a little concerned about the lower curve cause it doesn't look like it's scarring much, but time will tell. That's where the scarring came off first, so it could just be that it's healed more than the rest and it will all even out. My parents still aren't thrilled about it at all! My mom said "it's fine if you like scar tissue". Oh well. I didn't get it for them. And truth be told, they are a lot more supportive than most parents, even though they still have many reservations about our lifestyle. Hopefully as more years go by and they see that I am still happy and thriving, they will come to actually accept it in their hearts too rather than just to be supportive of my choices. Anyhow.. that's an entirely different post really. This is supposed to be about the brand! LOL. Can't think of anything else to say on it for now. It still itches some, but more of an occasional minor itch now rather than wanting to use a brillo pad on it or something!
That's all for now :)

Brand - 2 weeks

Well, I ended up not getting around to taking many pictures of the brand during our campout, but that's okay at this point I think
since there are fewer day to day changes at this stage of healing. As you can see in these pics, almost all the scabs were gone by the 2 week mark. It was still pretty itchy even with putting lotion on it every day. I tried to expose it to the sun a good amount in hopes of making the scar darker. We'll see I guess. Everyone who saw it (which was a LOT of people since I was nude 99% of the week) thought it was just beautiful! I got lots of compliments on it and also lots of folks saying they couldn't do it LOL. I can't blame them.. It DOES hurt a lot, but as I said before, it was TOTALLY worth it! Anyhoos.. More in a minute with the next post that has the 3 week pics.