Thursday, January 11, 2007

Journal Entry - Warning ~ RANT!

Originally posted on CollarMe/CollarSpace Journal on 2006.05.30

(To the free... please understand that this is a journal entry, where Master has given his slave permission to speak freely)

I am so sick and tired of hearing how I (or someone else) is "not a
slave", a "slave wannabe", "subbie brat/princess" or any similar
garbage just because a Master chooses to handle his property
differently than someone else!!! And when it is another slave doing
it.. Well, IMO, if anyone in that situation is "not a slave" it would
be the one on her high horse trying to dictate to another things that
are the province of the free!!

The other day, I had to deal with another SLAVE in a chat room here trying to order me around and tell me that if I was a slave, then my nick
should read "khaos{O}" instead of "OwlsKajiraKhaos" and who would NOT
leave me the hell alone and stop ORDERING ME to change my name even
after being told repeatedly that I was following my Master's orders,
by me and the free present AND being called down and TOLD by 2
separate free that she was out of line and being displeasing! She
finally got kicked out of the channel, but GEEZ!!
SO-called slaves with attitude trying to order people around (I'm not
talking about first girls acting under the direction of the free
here!) and override the decisions of the FREE really piss me the f**k
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought the free were in

And it's usually those same high and mighty, full of attitude little
bitches who have the unmitigated GALL to call OTHERS "not a slave"!!!!
If I recall, the books were just FULL of examples of that type
getting knocked down several pegs... Usually involving the whip, or
better still, a switch in the hands of the slave(s) that they were
lording it all over.

Oh, to be granted switch rights over a lot of these little know it

Okay.. I'm done. I don't rant publicly often, but once in a while
it's needed, I think.


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