Sunday, August 27, 2006

Brand - Day 13

It's definitely coming along nicely! I'm really enjoying seeing the design surface and can't wait to see the whole thing without scabs. It's going to probably be exposed to sun at least a fair amount over the next week, since we'll be camping for 8-9 days and I'll most likely be kept naked for the majority of that time, so I'm hoping that makes the scar darker. I know that other scars I have have been made permenantly darker if they were exposed to sun when they were fairly fresh. Just as long as I don't get a sunburn on it! AKK!!!

It's still itching a lot and driving me nucking futs, but I'll live LOL.
I won't be making any posts for the next week or so since I won't have computer/internet access out in the woods, but I'll try to remember to take pictures of it often so I can post them when I get back, along with writing down any thoughts that I think should be posted here. I'm excited about serving around the fire as a branded slave for the first time. and once the rest of the scabs come off, I'll definitely be getting some new pictures of me in my silks kneeling with the brand showing! Anyway, that's all for now. I have a lot of work to do to get ready to leave tomorrow.


Blogger PlaidHerself said...

You are an amazing inspiration for those of us that aspire to be a proper kajira, even if we are barbarians.


12:32 PM  

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