Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brand - Day 2

Well, it's definitely feeling a little annoying today! LOL. It's
*technically* pain, but a very low level for the most part.. kinda stingy and irritating.
It's looking a little more defined this morning (hey! it's morning for me!) than it did even when I went to bed . I am surprised, but very pleasantly so at that. Supposedly, at some point in the healing, it will be looking really bad and not defined at all, so I am bracing myself for that, but for now I'm REALLY glad it looks so nice so I'll have plenty of chance to look at it when it's pretty before it gets to a not as pretty stage of the healing. I really am going to write a detailed account of the whole branding process with tons of pictures and all, but I don't have time right now cause my daughter has a dentist appointment in just over an hour, but as soon as I have it written up, I WILL post it here. For now, I need coffee and maybe food.. I wasn't functional enough to ear more than a bowl of cereal last night before bed even though I was pretty hungry. I'm actually feeling pretty exhusted today. I guess the experience took a lot more energy than I realized. Than again, my body IS trying to heal from a fairly good sized 3rd degree burn, so I guess it's kind of understandable! (duh! LOL)
Okay, so, that's all for now. I may make another post later today. Dunno yet.


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