Friday, August 11, 2006


Well, it's official! I will be branded the night of Tuesday, August 15th around 9pm, Pacific time.
We (Master & I) will arrive at the shop around 8pm, and then things will be set up and I will have a chance to ground and try to ready myself... (Can one REALLY be ready to have red hot metal burning her flesh away?!?) We will try to get pictures of the entire process if we can. The brander has said it is fine as long as the flash doesn't interfere with his work.
This will be multi strike branding
(info on that here: ) of a kef about 3 inches tall on my left, front thigh.
Master had me design it because he likes my talent for that sort of thing better than his, and also because he wanted me to have something that I really, really liked because he is a very nice master (sometimes LOL).

Here is the design:
The original design was 2 inches high, but that would have made some of the lines too close together for a clean brand, so it was enlarged.

I will be posting pics of the process along with pics of the brand at every stage of healing and a written account my thoughts, feelings, and whatever else seems applicable about the whole experience.

For the moment, I'm feeling both excited and

terrified. I'm looking forward to having it done, but dreading the pain. And I'm afraid, not just of the pain, but that I will reflect poorly on Master by not being able to keep still or screaming or cursing or other forms of not being gracefull about it. The brander has a rule that if you can't sit still you don't get branded, so I won't be able to be tied down or otherwise secured.. which would make it SO much easier! So it will be quite a test!!

Also, there is the fact that it is so final. Once branded, there truly is no going back really; for how can a branded girl ever be free again? Not that I really anticipate wanting to be free, but it's the finality of even having the possible option removed.. It's scary!
I'm really a huge bundle of emotions about this.. anticipation, dread, excitement, curiosity, a feeling of... "rightness", giddiness, and lots of stuff I can't even name!
I'll be keeping ya'll posted on everything, and would appreciate your thoughts and energy (especially COLD thoughts) sent my way Tuesdy night!


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